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Why should business owners use texting for client engagement?

Because 99% of texts are opened and 95% are read within three minutes of being sent! That kind of speed can have a huge impact on your clients, especially when you throw in the fact that the average text click-through-rate is 45%.

Text messages can improve and increase:

  • - Customer service
  • - Lead generation
  • - Online Sales or Foot Traffic
  • - Marketing Campaigns

89% of consumers want the option to text message businesses, so giving them the ability to text your clients is going to be a win for everybody!

Manage text messages right from your desktop computer! (And keep a record of their phone number!)

In the world of business, when there’s an important update, a pressing question, or a problem, customers want to hear from you ASAP. This is why text messages are a great way to manage communications. Texting can help you serve your customer better and faster!

Text messages are seen 99% of the time, so no one gets lost in an “inbox” or a game of phone tag.

Only 5% of phone calls are answered and 15% of emails are opened.

>>>Text messaging is easier communication with faster response!

How can you use text messaging for your customers?

  • - Schedule appointment reminders (schedule appt. reminders in advance, and then it’s done!)
  • - Request feedback after a service (send a google review link!)
  • - Respond to a question or a complaint (faster responses can help your online reviews!)
  • - Announce a new product or service (Get people to click on your website link or visit the store)
  • - Announce a sale or promotion (Encourage immediate purchases or foot traffic)

Sample Text Message Formats that you can use to drive business:

Use any of these text message starters to send to your clients or modify them for your needs.

  1. Sample Text Message for an Appt: “Hi [Name], this is a reminder that your appointment is scheduled at [time] today. You can check in or reschedule at: [link]”
  2. Sample Text for a Review: “Hi [Name], how did your [service] go today? Please leave us a review at: [link]”
  3. Sample Text for a Promotion: “Don’t miss our big sale, going on now at [link] Save up to 20 percent! Hurry, sale ends tomorrow.