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Did you know that mobile search is almost 70% local? If your business isn’t on SIRI, Google Voice or Cortana mobile listings, you are missing out on a large portion of local business in local search! We can set up, manage and run your mobile marketing campaigns to your clients and potential customers! 

Adding Your Business to Local Voice Search and Mobile Marketing: Do you use your cell phone to help you with directions? Our phones provide a quick way to get directions any time we need it. The demand for local maps on our cell phone is one of the biggest reasons that changed the way we search locally. This started VOICE ACTIVATED SEARCH.

What is voice activated search? If you have an iPhone you use SIRI. A windows phone has Cortana. Other software systems use Google voice. These are great when we are traveling for business, or just want to explore the city. Instant access to “restaurants near me” or “auto-repair close to me” can be seen right from your phone in just seconds!

The key to voice search is that it knows your location by tracking the phone, and then it finds those locations you request by searching through internal map software and proprietary data from its business listings.

How Can Your Business Get Listed On SIRI?  As a business owner, you may be wondering: “How can I get my business listed on SIRI, Cortana, and Google voice?” Here is the problem: all 3 networks have their own software, and their own systems of providing the answers. So, your business needs to be on all 3, not just SIRI. Call or click to learn more about how Voice Activated Search can drum up local business to help your bottom line!