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How to Use Linkedin Effectively for Business Marketing

How to Use Linkedin Effectively for Business Marketing

Linkedin Facts You Need to Know for Better Business Marketing

As a social media company, I get asked about one network in particular from my business owners: “What about using Linkedin? Is this social media network really any better or any different than Facebook or Twitter?”

My answer is, YES it is!

LinkedIn is much more effective for B2B marketing, and I can tell you several reasons why it works for companies that want to market to other business owners and managers. Let me tell you some facts about the new LinkedIn network, and tell you how it has changed and grown over the years.


  • LinkedIn opened its publishing platform for all users in English speaking countries in 2015. This means that almost 322 million members on LinkedIn now have the ability to publish articles for FREE. Let that sink in for a moment. Do you see the potential for exponential growth, here?
  • Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. One thing that LinkedIn has, that is of major value to its users (and its stock price), is the data that the site holds! LinkedIn knows all about people: where they work, their skills, their college, their friends, and what groups they are in. That is a big deal! But, it goes even deeper than that.
  • Linkedin has a different reputation. Because it is business related, it is seen as more relevant and authentic. It is highly valued by users and subscribers. Most users don’t consider this as a typical “social network” as much as a free networking and marketing tool.
  • LinkedIn has the largest database of professionals of ANY website in the world. And the best part is: Most of this is accessible information if you know how to search for it. (Try: Advanced People Search, or a Job Title Search)

This week, get started on a plan to use LinkedIn for your business. Use the article feature, post updates, add to your profile links and get more endorsements.

If you're not using LinkedIn, then you’re missing out.

By: Celeste Simmons, www.BigSocialMarketing.com, A social media management service in Marietta, Ga.