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8 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Use Online Marketing!

8 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Use Online Marketing!

When social media came on the scene, it was simply a "social" tool. No one expected it to change the way we do business. Now, however, it is used as an important means of communication and corporations take it seriously. Why? Because it matters to their online reputation, and it impacts their profits and sales!

If you aren't convinced, just read these questions below, to see if they apply to you and your business.  

1. How old is your website?

  • Is it optimized and responsive?
  • Is your website functioning correctly in a mobile search?

FACT: Mobile search (from tablets and smart phones) is 60% or more! If your website is more than 2 years old, you are missing out on search results and clicks to your website.

2. Can Your Business Be Found on Social Media?

  • Do you know which pages are the most important social media pages?
  • How many of your social media pages are linked from your website?
  • Do you actually MANAGE your social media?
  • Do you respond to people when they ask you a question on facebook, tweet to you, or find you on google plus?
  • Are you using social media to gain internet leads?

FACT: Most millennials EXPECT a response within 5-10 minutes on social media! If you don’t respond, you are MISSING OUT on business!

FACT: If you AREN’T MANAGING your social media, then you aren’t managing your reputation.

3. Do you use enough key words for your website?

  • Have you added keywords and keyword phrases to your website?
  • Do you update them every 2 months, based on seasons, sales, trends, new items and new search terms?
  • Do you use these terms as hashtags?

FACT:  Keywords must be built into your website and UPDATED to stay relevant and to stay on top of the google search.

4. Is Your Business on Google Adwords?

  • A Well-written Google adwords campaign can get clicks to your website and pay for itself!

FACT: IF you aren’t adding keywords and keyword phrases in a google campaign, then your competition will surpass you in clicks and website rank.

FACT: A typical adwords campaign with us can get you a 60-70% return!

5. Is your business on local search maps like bing, yahoo, msn, apple and google?

  • Are you getting local foot traffic from ALL of these mobile search listings?

FACT: OVER 65% of local search is mobile ads are LOCAL patrons!

FACT: You need to be on all of the MOBILE search networks, not just google!

6. What is Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • Do you have a digital marketing strategy that goes with your sales promos, seasonal buying and market trends?

FACT: A business that plans out its marketing for the whole year, with a focused marketing strategy, performs up to 40% better throughout the year.

7. Do you ask for business reviews?

  • Did you know that business reviews can GAIN MORE online ranking and web traffic?
  • Do you pay attention to your online reviews?

FACT: Reputation management can give you more business, more clicks to your website and more business in the door!

FACT: Online reviews bring site hits and leads, and that translates into profits!

8. Do you know how to market to millennials?

  • Millennials expect you to have a reputation online. If you don’t have an online presence, they will go elsewhere to get the technology and the service that they need!

FACT: Up to 40% of Millennials check online reviews before they make a purchase. 

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