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This Simple Search Tip Returns Leads to Your Website Almost Effortlessly!

This Simple Search Tip Returns Leads to Your Website Almost Effortlessly!

Here's a good tip from Google on how to create content on your website, your blogs and your FAQ pages.

Phrase your written content in the same way that people would type in their questions and this will bring new users to your website organically. This is a great method to use for new blog articles and FAQ pages. And it WORKS!

Examples of typical questions that people type in a search would be: How do I use.... How can I buy.... How much do I need....What do I do when...

Here's why this is such a great tip to use when writing content for your website: If you can create a list of typical questions that people will ask when looking for your products or services, and then answer those questions, Google will then view your website as a resource for the person who is looking for those type of answers. It's a free way to get organic leads to your website.

Here's a second search tip for website content: If you can be specific about your questions and answers on your website, your users are more likely to do business with you. Being able to answer their questions builds their trust, and that leads to more business!

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