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Are You Using This FREE Tool to Get Leads To Your Website?

Are You Using This FREE Tool to Get Leads To Your Website?

I’m sure you probably already know, that Google is the leading search engine. One way it has grown to be the leader in search, is by constantly changing the way it gives us information. It consistently improves the search engine programs (bots) by providing better, faster, more complete search results for its’ users. Google My Business now offers these benefits to the business owner.

Are you currently using Google my business to share updates across the web about your business? You should be! In our experience, as social media managers, Google my business makes the largest impact by sending free, organic leads to your website! If you aren’t posting content to it regularly, you definitely should add this to your to-do list each week. Google my business makes a big difference in getting you more calls and more clicks to your website!

 Here’s why google my business is such a great tool for business owners:

  1. You control the content through posts: Google My Business has a posting window that displays under your location, on Google maps. Anytime you post on Google my business, your content is displayed on Google. This gives you a voice to share your current offerings or services. The posting window can be a picture of a product or a coupon from your business. The main point is: you are in control of what you post, and Google shows it for free!
  2. You can easily update your contact information. You also have the ability to update your website link, your business hours, your phone number, and your services. A great new feature that Google has added, is that you can also advertise special offers or special events! Anyone that looks up your business on Google will see these in the content window that you updated. It’s a great interactive tool that keeps your business information up-to-date, and clients truly appreciate it! 
  3. Your business becomes more visible. By regularly updating your content on Google my business, it gives you visibility throughout the web. You can post updates on Google My Business (just like you would do on your company Facebook page). Google supports the sharing of your posts on its platform, and it rewards you with free, organic traffic to your website.
  4. You get a free traffic report, each month. After using it for one month, Google will send you insights, showing you how many people were driven to your website, what they clicked on, if they asked for directions, or if they called the office. These insights are helpful to use. With the Google insights report, you can see how people are responding to the information you post. It will show you what posts worked, and what didn’t. 

5. You can use the free “click to call” buttons. Google allows you to set up buttons on your business page (under each post) that show a “click to call” option, a “click for more info”, “click to book”, “visit the website” and more. This is so helpful for getting traffic to your website and getting calls to your business. The click to call buttons also work on mobile devices. And did I mention…it’s free! 

6. You can manage your Google reviews from this portal. We encourage each business owner to manage their reviews by reading and responding to them. Respond to the good ones by thanking the client for the review. Respond to any bad reviews by asking them to call your office so you can discuss it. Each Google review also helps return the value, through an increase in web traffic.

In closing, one of the best things you can do for organic traffic is to post every week on Google my business. If you would like help managing your Google my business page, or managing Google reviews, please call us at 678-315-0112. We do Google my business management as well as social media posts for business owners. Visit our website to learn more: BigSocialmarketing.com