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Are You Using Trending Topics to Get More Web Traffic? You Should Be!

Trending topics are phrases that people typically use to find the answer to a question. These phrases can also impact local, mobile-based searches. By being aware of trending topics, and incorporating them in your media or website if possible, your business could benefit from some of these trending questions.

Here's the tricky part: Trending topics are unpredictable. They are hard to plan for and change quickly. Top news stories and local events have an impact on trends and searches on the internet. A catch phrase from a new movie can become a trending topic. A chapter title from a best-selling book can become a trend, or even a snippet from the lyrics of a hit song. When something is trending, it has the ability to change search algorithms. (This is why Google Trends is a viable resource for marketers, and why Twitter shows “trending topics” when you log in.)  

So what does this mean for your business? By using some if these trending phrases in your content (it if relates to your business), and sharing information that people are looking for, you could potentially move up the search ranks and get leads for your business. By being aware of trending topics, and incorporating them in your media or website if possible, your business could benefit from some of these trending questions.

Take a look at some of the most trending topics and trending phrases that people search for. These topics were popular mobile and desktop searches. After looking at the commonly typed questions, you can see that people ask google everything (even the embarrassing stuff)! After all, we are in the information age. When people search for a subject, topic, or solution, they want the answer immediately. Could your business provide an answer to one of these questions?

Listed below, are a few search phrases that you may be able to include in your marketing. Maybe you could use a few of them as research statements for a blog, use a few in a Q & A page on your website, or use one as a title to a blog. You could use the applicable questions for your social media posts, youtube videos, or in your blogs on your website. These common search phrases could bring more leads and hits to your website.

Some of the statements below will not apply to your business type, however, you may be able to use a few of the phrases below as the start of a new phrase, or a combination of one, that will make sense for your business to use.  

Here are some terms that people are using right now:

1. Geographical searches:

Find the closest ___________near me. 

Find the best __________near me.

Find a ____________restaurant near me.

Find the closest (retail store) near me.

Find the closest (shopping center) near me.


2. Comparison Searches:

Compare (this product) to (that product), which is better?

Compare (this service) to (that service), which is better?

Compare this (item) to that (item) which is cheaper, and why?


3. Self-improvement Topics:

How to lose weight fast

How to lose belly fat

Bucket List: How to Make a… (or) Popular items for …  

While we were young...

What is the meaning of life?

How to win friends and influence people?


4. General Questions: “how to”

How to make…

How to get…

How to start…

How to cook…

How to do…

What to do when…

What time is…

What day is …


5. Business Questions:

How to make money online

How to start a business

How to get better credit

If your business can provide an answer to one of these trending topics, you can build a pathway for more website leads and hits. Use trending topics to garner more traffic- and BE the resource people are searching for! For more information on google keyword searches, or a google campaign manger to mange your online marketing strategy, visit: bigsocialmarketing.com