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If you have a working website, then you know that it is an ongoing job to gain website clicks and to keep them coming! Internet sales are important to the profit of a business, so it’s extremely important to keep your website at the top of the search results. 

At BigSocialMarketing, we manage Google Adwords campaigns for growing companies. We run our campaigns different than the other guys: we only charge a flat rate, NOT a percentage. We are the lowest priced adwords managers- we guarantee it! We will meet or BEAT any other quote for Adwords management. 

Here’s How We Manage Adwords and Pay per click campaigns differently: 

  • We know how to create better ads that get more clicks (because we are copy-writers!)
  • We know how to create tighter target markets (that save you money!)
  • We choose very specific keywords (not the broad terms that spend your budget)
  • We look at your web traffic every 2 weeks (for new online traffic reports)

We don’t “outsource” Adwords jobs either. They are managed in-house, and watched over bi-weekly for changes that are needed.  

Don’t keep paying 30-50 percent MORE over the costs of Google, Bing or Yahoo Adwords. We can do it for less! GUARANTEED!

Our Adwords  management saves you time and money. Save on BOTH, call BigSocialMarketing for Adwords and pay per click management services: (678) 315-0112