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Our Social Media Experts

Here is a list of our key players, here at Big Social Marketing. Read below to learn more about us and our team members.


If you are wondering which social media network would be best for your business, Celeste is the one you need to contact. Celeste started in marketing over 14 years ago. She majored in Technical writing and is a published author.

She creates expert content on a daily basis for client’s pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Google plus, Youtube, Houzz, Pinterest and more. Call Celeste if you have social media questions or if you want to know which social site is best suited for your business! 


If you need a new website, Kristina can help you achieve that goal! Kris is an expert at website design. At BigSocialMarketing, we make sure that your website looks great, converts into sales, and is responsive across all devices. Kris also adds SEO key terms and analytics to your website, for better performance. She works wonders with any business that saw their website “buried” in the search results, and she works magic to bring it up in new, relevant, local searches. Kristina has over 15 years of website experience. We truly value Kristina's expertise with websites.


If you need a new business image or a professional graphic for your business, Jeff can assist you with that! Jeff majored in communication, and it helped him become great with initial concepts of graphic design.

He can makes new ideas come to life! He has been doing graphic design and websites for over 17 years, and he is the best! We are confident that Jeff can do an excellent job with your new logo, sales-sheet, or brochure.


If you ever wonder who updates your social media daily, and who your contact is for Facebook updates is, just call Melanie!

Melanie is one of the lead partners in social media at Big Social Marketing, and writes daily updates for business all over the web. Melanie’s background is in marketing, and she does a great job marketing for other companies on social media.


If you need a blog written for your company, or new website content, Chi can help you with that. Chi has written many blogs over the years and assists us in producing great content for client’s websites.

We are happy to connect you with Chi and let her create professional content for you or your project.


If you have questions about sales, prices, packages or discounts, Pete can help you.

Pete is one of the most knowledgeable representatives we have in social media and websites. Pete has been in marketing for over 15 years. He can help point you in the right direction. 

Let Big Social Marketing help you with your social media, website, blog or Google AdWords. Call 678-315-0112 today to get started.